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10 years

Over 10,000 middle and high school students served through year-round community-based critical literacy programs.

We have persevered in spite of the barriers, and worked diligently to deliver evidence-based work to the region’s most marginalized areas.

We have won awards for our efforts, including:

  • The American Educational Research Award for Social Impact
  • Teachers for Social Justice Award

We have been featured in local and national news outlets, including:

  • National Public Radio
  • The Sacramento Bee

We have recruited, trained and retained educators of color who partner with classroom teachers to close the achievement, opportunity, and cultural gaps all-too-prevalent in our nation’s schools.

We support the academic trajectories of SAYS scholars to move from being high risk into higher education. With SAYS tools and the SAYS support network, our students enter and graduate from top tier universities—successfully completing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees on time.

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