Welcome to SAYS

Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) is an innovative critical literacy program. SAYS services support the improvement of schools through teacher professional development, classroom instruction, and after-school programming. At the core of our model is a commitment to equity—SAYS utilizes evidence-based best practices to narrow the achievement gap.

Slam Season

October 2016- February 2017


Empowering Educators

We support the whole classroom so that each person excels socially, culturally, emotionally and academically.  We know that just as the best teaching empowers students, the best professional development empowers teachers. SAYS offers innovative professional development for staff that is culturally relevant and hands-on. Teachers gain important skills that will help them bring community-based literacies into the curriculum in critical ways.

Empowering Students

Young people have the potential to be the authors of their own lives and agents of change. At SAYS, we activate young people to read, write, and speak about their lives through the medium of spoken word performance poetry. Through this unique process, literacy and leadership go hand-in-hand as young people pick up the mic and the pen.

Empowering Families

SAYS engages in a wrap-around mentoring model that supports the success of the whole family. We specialize in helping adults navigate the school system, providing them with effective strategies to advocate and support the academic and lifelong health of their children.