Laura Cook
Lead Poet-Mentor Educator and Keeper of the Heart

Laura Cook, aka MmaMma Laura, is a local Sacramento poet and spoken word artist who has been writing and sharing her work since middle school. MmaMma Laura got her first spoken word performance 'feet wet’ at the Celebrations Arts Theatre in Sacramento, CA. Since then, she has performed at SPC, The (old) Sol Collective, The Brickhouse, The Guild Theatre, Penny 4 Your Thoughts, The Crocker Arts Museum, to name just a few. She has opened for comedian Paul Mooney and international spoken word artist, Taalam Acey. Mma Laura loves working with the youth because of the "exchange of learning that takes place.” It is by way of creating student-centered curriculum, being challenged to look deeper and think even more critically, a family has been forged here and Mma Laura has considered it a humbling honor of opportunity to call SAYS home. ...and in turn it always brings her back to one of her favorite quotes: 'be the change you wish to see...'

Below is an excerpt from one of MmaMma Laura’s poems:

"...what is it you hope to get,
is that what you aim to give,
is that how you walk and strive to live,
if your paycheck were based on how much love you live, to survive... would you be forced to find another gig,
if folks gave birth according to the good they did... would there be any kids?