SAYS in Your School

SAYS services support the improvement of schools through teacher professional development, classroom instruction, and after-school programming. At the core of our model is a commitment to equity—SAYS utilizes evidence-based best practices to advance educational justice.


Sacramento Youth Poet Laureate

The Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) Youth Poet Laureate Program provides a platform that promotes youth voice, civic engagement, political literacy and community building. Through this endeavor, we aim to push the literary arts and poetry aesthetic to include young people's voices, ideas, beliefs and their values that are significantly under-represented and marginalized.


SAYS Summer Program

SAYS Summer Program

The SAYS Scholar Academy aims to equip college bound students already active in the SAYS network with the tools, preparation, and knowledge necessary for them to begin envisioning their own educational journey after high school. The purpose of the academy is to cultivate Warrior Scholars capable of determining, defining, and creating their own path in higher education and breaking institutional barriers every step of the way.