10th Annual SAYS Summit College Day

May 4, 2018

Increasing the number of high school and college graduates is essential to meeting California’s projected workforce demands. Yet many youth lack role models and exposure to programs

that encourage them to further their education. Addressing this need, Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) empowers students to become authors of their own lives and leaders in their schools and communities.

As a culmination of year-round activities in schools throughout California, the annual SAYS Summit brings hundreds of young people to UC Davis to experience college in a new way. 

For tickets and registration information, contact Dr. Vajra Watson at vmwatson@ucdavis.edu


The best part of the summit was “looking at UC Davis, seeing what college will be like.” 
– Middle School Student

“My favorite part of the SAYS Summit is the workshops and how they allow kids to be interactive. You guys did great. Thank you for the opportunity to be in the SAYS family.” 
– Continuation School Student

“SAYS is really powerful. It makes me want to be somebody and make a change in my community, society, world. I love the vibe. Keep doing what you do. I feel every teen should go to the SAYS Summit.” 
– Continuation School Student

“Looking at UC Davis and getting to understand a little bit about college life... I wouldn’t mind going here at all.” 
– High School Student

SAYS Summit 2015 Review

SAYS hosted its first summit at UC Davis in May 2009. Since then, the summit has grown exponentially. To date, the annual event has attracted over 4,650 students. This year, the SAYS Summit brought together 850 youth from different regions, schools, and economic and ethnic backgrounds. Each student received a campus tour and participated in a robust program that included keynote speakers, critical literacy workshops, experiential learning, hip-hop stations and more. 

Download the 2015 recap here.